Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is your school located?
Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies at 18605 Erwin Street, Tarzana, CA 91355

2. What grades are offered at your school?
SOCES offers grades 4 through 12.

3. Do you have a GATE(Gifted and Talented Education) Program or SAS (School for
Advanced Studies) Program?
While SOCES does have GATE students, we do not offer GATE classes. What is offered
to meet the needs of high achieving students are our Honors Classes. However, being
identified gifted does not guarantee you a spot in the Honors Classes. Placement is based
on report card grades, SBAC scores, and teacher recommendation. You do not need to be
identified gifted to be placed in an Honors Class. We do not have a SAS (School for
Advanced Studies) Program.

4. When do you offer Parent Tours?
Parent Tours are offered in the Fall (typically prior to the application deadline so parents can make an
informed decision prior to submitting an application. Unfortunately, if you cannot attend
one of the tours offered, we cannot accommodate individual tours. If you would like
questions answered, please contact Sandra Tabares, Magnet Coordinator at 818.758.5658
or via email at (preferred) Please visit more information

5. How do I enroll my child in your school?
Applications for enrollment are made available through LAUSD Student Integration
Services. The CHOICES application window typically opens online the first week of
October at and closes mid-November. For those who missed the
original application window, the Late Application window is typically made available early
February at the same website . Those applications will only be considered if the regular wait list for the grade
requested is exhausted and there are still openings. These are the only methods in which
to apply and be accepted to our school. If you would like more information, including
exact application deadlines, please visit the eChoices website.

6. Does my child need to be identified gifted to enroll at your school?
No. Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies is not a gifted magnet. All students are
welcome to apply as long as you live within the Los Angeles unified School District’s

7. How many Magnet points are necessary to get into your school?
There is no guarantee that a certain amount of points will guarantee acceptance. The
maximum number of points is 23. Enrollment is based on the number of openings that
become available and a number of points a student has. The closer to 23 points you are,
the higher your chances of being accepted. Click here for detailed information about the point system.

8. When are parents notified if they were Accepted or Wait-listed?
Student Integration Services typically emails/mails out acceptance and wait list letters
mid-March. Accepted students receive information from SOCES soon after. If wait listed,
please contact Sandra Tabares, Magnet Coordinator  via email at (preferred) if you would like more information regarding where your
child stands regarding the wait list.

9. Do you offer transportation?
Transportation is currently offered to every student that lives outside the 2 mile radius
(may be subject to change) of the school. Transportation information for accepted
students is mailed home the week prior to the beginning of the school year. For information regarding transportation, click here. You can also contact Ms. Nicole Johnson or Mr. Chris Adames at 818.830.2285

10. Do the younger students eat at the same time as the older students?
Yes. We only have one Nutrition (known as a recess to Elementary parents) and Lunch
time. While there are specifically designated areas for each grade level, there are certain
areas where interaction (while not common) is possible. In the cafeteria area, there are lines designated
specifically for 4th and 5th graders. There are adults supervising at these times.