2018-2019 Student Schedule Login


Change of period requests will not be honored. The only changes that will be honored at this time is:

  • You took the course in previous semesters
  • You have tried out and made a performance/athletic team and it is not reflective in your schedule.

Do not request change of class because you plan on taking a course during summer. Once you complete the class and bring in a transcript your schedule will be updated.  Counselors schedule what you need



hint: Password is your mymail pin code

By logging in you understand the following:

  • The following information is to be used for reference only.  In the event of an unexpected error, the teacher and the webmaster are NOT responsible for inaccurate data.
  • Data is accurate up to the date posted.  Should the viewer require a more accurate grade or schedule, they must speak with their teacher or counseling office directly.
  • The posting of online grades and schedules is a voluntary service and done so at the counseling offices’ discretion.
  • The information show is to be viewed only by the guardian or the student to which the data pertains.  Furthermore, account information should not be shared.