Sherman Oaks CES has a number of clubs to choose from. You can see the full list by clicking the link below. If you are interested in starting a club, the application and other information can be found here as well.

Club List

Club Application

Constutition Template

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Jewish Student Union

The JSU is responsible for creating a safe and comfortable environment for all students, regardless of religion, a place where they can understand the Jewish heritage and socialize.
Meets: Tuesday’s at Lunch
Advisor: Mr. Barasch

Armenian Club

A welcoming club to all. We share our knowledge about Armenian culture, history and our community.

Meets: Wednesday’s at Lunch

Advisor: Ms. Sarkisyan

Mock Trial

We encourage a cooperative spirit and promote an understanding and appreciation of the law. We compete in the LA County Mock Trial Federation to gain knowledge about the American legal system and the art of persuasion through a simulated court experience.
Meets: Thursdays after school from 3:15-4:30
Advisor: Mrs. Sempre-Swinson

National Honor Society

Science Bowl

A competitive event with high school teams competing in a fast-paced verbal forum to solve technical problems and answer science and math questions.
Meets: Mon. & Wed., 3:15 to 5:00 in Room 702
Advisor: Mr. Rickertsen

Running Club

We run together for the fun of running.  Typically we have 15-20 students run the marathon every year from our school.
Meets: Mon, Wed, & Thurs After School
Advisor: Mr. Boyle

Korean Club

Learn about the culture, K-pop/dance, community service opportunities, eat Korean food

Meets: Fridays at Nutrition

Advisor: Ms. Pak


California Scholarship Federation is an exclusive club of hand-picked high school students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher that demonstrate a passion for their community. Giving back to the community is CSF’s main goal!
Advisor: Ms. Gordon
Meetings: Tuesday’s during Nutrition in 511


This is a national organization that strives to promote music in our school and do community service with a musical outlook.
Meets: Wednesdays at Nutrition
Advisor: Mr. Johnson

Knights for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

The KETA club brings together students who appreciate animals, and who are concerned about the widespread cruelty to animals that exists in the food industry and beyond. Open to all who share an appreciation for animals.
Meets: Wednesdays at lunch in room 512
Advisor: Mr. Brody

Pegasus Club

Student Art & Literary Magazine

Meets: 1st Tuesday of the Month @ Nutrition, room 105

Advisor: Ms. Woods


An all-grade club for Drama Students, Back Stage, and Honor Thespians! Fun!

Meets: Wednesdays at Nutrition
Advisor: Ms. Potter


UNICEF is an organization that is dedicated to raising money for children around the world who have been affected by natural disasters, diseases, and famine.

Speech and Debate

A high school team of debaters, actors, writers and speakers who practice for competitions throughout Los Angeles, the state of California, and the country.
Meets: Wednesdays at lunch in room 404.
Advisor: Orrei Barasch

Robotics Club

Meets: Mon, Wed, Thr and Fri after school from 3:15 – 5:30