A Knight in Paris

A Knight in Paris was truly a night to remember for the very anticipated Winter Formal! This year the grand event took place at the Knollwood Country Club. All high schoolers were invited and began to pour in as soon as the clock struck seven p.m. As students walked into the elegant hall, they were asked to vote for their selected nominees of their grade for Winter Formal court. 

The first thing that could be seen as people walked in were the nicely decorated tables with beautiful arrangements that included a lit-up Eiffel Tower centerpiece. Students hung out for a bit for the first hour of the night while taking pictures outside at the charmingly arranged photo booth. Even with the frigid windy weather, students still took memorable photos with their friends as the music was blaring inside. 

Around 8 p.m., everyone was allowed to enjoy a sapid meal. Fresh salad and pasta were served as well as delicious lasagna with bread and butter. The DJ continued to blast music, and after students were done with their meals they rose to the dance floor to dance the night away. After a thrilling set of songs that resulted in many bodies moving to the beat, it was time to announce the winners of the Winter Formal court from each grade level. Leadership students took the stage to announce the following: 

For Freshman grade, SOCES’ 2020 Lord and Lady are Angel Estrada and Melissa Cabalar.

For Sophomore grade, Duke and Duchess are Ryan Kung and Michelle Paino.

The Junior grade Prince and Princess are Ben Learner and Madison Tran.

And for the Senior grade, the Winter Formal King and Queen are… George Herrera and Brenda Jovel! 

Congratulations to the winners! 

After a short slow dance for the winners and for the rest of the students took place, upbeat music began to play which brought nearly everyone to the dance floor. The DJ soon played “Cha Cha Slide” and “El Caballo Dorado”, resulting in more Spanish songs being played throughout the night. By ten o’clock, students were still on their feet using every bit of energy they had left for the fun night. Many girls had ditched their heels and let their aching feet relax as they spent the rest of the night partying with friends. Some students chilled outside by the fireplace to enjoy the last few minutes of Winter Formal. 

Winter Formal 2020 was a wonderful and exciting night, and thank you to Leadership for organizing an amazing event! 

Written By: Brenda Jovel