Halloween Carnival

On the day of Halloween, during 5th period, the elementary students were brought out to the service road for the annual Halloween carnival. As the students came, each club was set up with games and prizes. You could see the joy on everyone’s face. Ranging from 4th-12th grade, the students not only had fun, but also built a connection with one another. Halloween music was heard playing in the background and many students were dancing and singing along. Each kid full of excitement, could not wait to play the games set up by the high school students. Games such as the pom pom toss for cheer, mini basketball shootout for the Black Student Union, magnetic fishing for Latinos Unidos, and more! The SOCES Halloween Carnival gave students the opportunity to celebrate Halloween with their best friends.

As a senior that has been attending SOCES since 4th grade, it was a wild experience seeing the students in the carnival. Knowing that I was in the same position as them not too long ago, it’s humbling yet saddening knowing that this is finally the end. As I look back on the memories I made with my friends in 4th and 5th grade, I can remember looking up at the high school students wanting to be in their spot. I couldn’t wait to grow up. But finally being a senior, I would do anything to go back and be young again. Every time it’s brought up that I am one of the oldest in the school, I can’t help but reminisce about the past. Living a life without a care for the world and just being able to run around with freedom and enjoy everything around me. It’s a little hard to remember how a close friendship could easily turn in to two strangers once again. These kids might not know it but after 5th grade, they might not see their best friends again. As a part of life, I noticed that people leave. But as the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. Seeing these kids run around with their friends, not only did it make me smile because of the cuteness of it all but also made me smile because it made me remember the fun times I had when I was young. Personally seeing all the changes the school has gone through, it was truly beautiful seeing an event bringing me back to how school was when I started. 

If I were to give advice to all these students, I would tell them to make every day count. Don’t stress over something that’s not going to affect you in two years. Live every day as if it’s your last. Spend this time being young because once you grow up, I promise you’re going to want it back. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what makes you happy. Life is full of surprises. There are plenty of ups, but also plenty of downs. So do what makes you happy because you can’t rely on others to make you happy if you aren’t. Don’t focus on the future. Focus on the now, prepare for the future, and learn from the past. As a senior looking back on the 4th and 5th-grade memories at SOCES, the only thing I regret is doing more. I wish I could’ve spent a lot more time with my friends or spent more time making new friends. You can never tell what the future holds but make sure you have the right people with you no matter what comes in your life. Experiencing this Halloween Carnival one last time really opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective in life. I was in awe the whole time. They might not have realized it but before they know it, those kids are going to be in my exact spot. It’s crazy to experience the beginning and the end and seeing it all go down. Halloween is an amazing time. Once a year, it’s the only time everyone can be young again. Run around and pretend they are whoever they dressed up as. I can only hope these kids will enjoy the rest of their years at SOCES as much as I did.

Written By: Paolo Duarte