Time Change

All staff and students in California schools must experience a brand new change to their schedules. Governor Gavin Newson has signed a new bill that will demand that all schools in California be opened later. Middle schools are prohibited from starting school before 8 a.m. and high schools before 8:30 a.m. 

Schools must adopt this law before July 1, 2022. The reason why this bill was created was due to the improvements in higher attendance, better grades, and more energy within students that have been caused by delayed start times. This, of course, will also affect the end time of school days, which will lead to more money being spent to increase supervision before and after school hours. 

A few students have given their opinion about the time change. 

“I think that starting school at a later time will allow students to get more sleep. This will also give them more time to get ready so they don’t have to rush and feel stressed even before walking through the gates” -Karen Botros (12th). All students in high school especially must know the difficulty it is at times to get enough sleep for the night before. Whether it’s staying up doing assignments for various classes or studying for a huge exam, a student’s sleep schedule will always suffer. Delaying the time to go into school would help students to have a bit more time to sleep before going through a studious day at school.

“I think it’s a great idea that the starting time for school will be pushed back because it’ll allow for students to be more focused during school due to them having more time to sleep. This will be beneficial to students of all grade levels. Since high school students are especially the ones who have extracurriculars, it takes away time to do homework which deprives them of sleep; thus making them not ready for school in the morning. This change would be immensely helpful” -Joyce Huang (12th). For students who take extracurriculars after school, it can be difficult to get home late to arrive at an immense amount of work that is due the next day. As the student’s quote above stated, sleep can be lost when many other things related to school are involved. It’s important to note that time must be given to students so that they can complete their tasks without having to rush through them the next day. 

Although getting into school later would be seen as preferable by many, it is also important to note that the end time for schools could be delayed as well. This can either be taken as a compromise by many or seen as a negative thing for schools. 

In regards to this, a student stated below, 

“I don’t like it because we would have to get out of school later, meaning that we would get home at much later hours. We would also have less time to do whatever we want outside of school since traffic does tend to hit around 4-5 p.m.” -Zoe Austria (12th). 

For students who live far away from school, it is difficult at times for them when they are expected to arrive at school on time. Their options may go from getting a ride from the school bus or public transport which can sometimes bring problems that causes a student to be late. And it is true for some students who must suffer the consequences of being late due to strict timing for schools. If schools open later, then there is a possibility for students to arrive at school no matter their location. 

A student stated, 

“I would prefer it because I know a few people who have to commute from far and often are unable to get to school on time. They aren’t excused on anything for being late” -Samia Sami (12th). 

It is hard to say whether every student will like the new delayed times for all California schools. Some believe that it is very beneficial, whereas others believe it isn’t a great idea. The only thing we know is that this bill must be adopted before 2022, so it is up to the district as to when they will act on it.

Written By: Brenda Jovel