Senior Breakfast

The Class of 2020 attended the very anticipated Senior Breakfast on October 16, 2019! The morning began with students dressing up and going to Glen Hall where they were promptly transported back to the 1960s. The theme Breakfast at Tiffany’s could be seen all over the room. Glen Hall was decorated with balloons, beautiful flower centerpieces, and booths were set up where Seniors could take pictures to remember this special day. They entered Glen Hall with growing excitement as they took in all of the decorations and even the crepes that would be cooked in front of them. 

Sweet and savory crepes filled with either sweet strawberries or flavorful sunny-side eggs were given out which we can thank our sponsors, Mr. Pak and Ms. Goldstein, for. Music played as seniors enjoyed the scrumptious breakfast, and a live performance was delivered by Tequila Mockingbird. Its members, Jonathan Espinoza, Erick Barajas, Muqtadir Mubdi, Michael Koch, and Michael Rodriguez gave a wonderful performance that left many seniors dancing and singing along. Their iconic and memorable performance of “Tequila” only brightened the mood even more! The band’s lead singer, Nikolas Ramos delivered a stellar performance that had everyone belching out the lyrics along with him. Erick Barajas also took the stage to sing along to some Spanish music and even invited a guest, Juan Calderon, to perform a small duet with him. 

            Seniors were able to enjoy the very special Senior Slideshow before superlatives were announced near the end of this fun morning. Seniors were transferred back in time with a few pictures from fourth grade to now. Thank you to our historians, Emilee Carstens and Mira Pizzo, for making an amazing Senior Slideshow! 

Next, Mrs. Goldstein and Mr. Pak announced the winners of the 17 superlative categories.

  1. Best Eyes: Sam Choi and Giordana Zavolta
  2. Best Hair: Michael Maroutian and Leilani Menjivar
  3. Best Laugh: Mathew Ambriz and Brooklyn Martin
  4. Best Dressed: Paulo Duarte and India Bown
  5. Best Smile: Alan Marchena and Victoria Banuelos
  6. Best All Around: Jack Kleiger and Rachel Ginsburg
  7. Best Shoulder to Cry On: Anthony Jimenez and Leana Mata 
  8. Life of the Party: Kenny Rasmussen, Dane Siritto, and Ruby Durant
  9. Most Likely to be President: Jeffrey Ambriz and Ava Basileo
  10. Most Likely to Succeed: Henry Parker-Elder and Ava Basileo
  11. Most School Spirit: Erick Barajas and Nicole Khatibi
  12. Most Athletic: Erick Barajas and Amber Mejia
  13. Most Talented: Nikolas Ramos and Samantha Dea
  14. Class Clown: Branden Petersen and Leana Mata
  15. Best Friends (Girl & Girl): Brooklyn Martin and Emmanuela Dorsaint, Isabelle Filen and Katherine Butseev 
  16. Best Friends (Boy & Boy): Dain Dayo and Paulo Duarte, Jesus Calderon and Juan Calderon 
  17. Best Friends (Boy and Girl): Kevin Gardose and Leana Mata

Congratulations to all the winners! 

Thank you to our sponsors, Mrs. Goldstein and Mr. Pak, for giving the Class of 2020 one of the best Senior Breakfasts at SOCES. And thank you to the Senior Cabinet! 

The Senior Class of 2020 is thrilled for all of the upcoming events that will make the 238 days left until graduation an extremely memorable experience!

Written By: Brenda Jovel