Hamlet Play

SOCES had the privilege of hosting Shakespeare’s Hamlet put on by Theatricum Botanicum theatre company. The five-person production was the first exposure to Shakespeare on stage for many, and it couldn’t have come at a better time, with many of the seniors in attendance taking AP Literature this year, and will have to read Hamlet themselves. 

The event began in the morning with a small teaching session in which one of the actors took the time to lay out the plot so that the audience wasn’t lost during the play. Using volunteers from the audience, members of our senior class got to go onstage to represent Hamlet, the tragic hero, Ophelia, the doomed love interest, Claudius, the conniving king, Polonius, the manipulative advisor, and Laertes, the hot-headed brother of Ophelia. 

After the demonstration, the announcement rang, “Let’s give a warm welcome to Shakespeare’s Hamlet!” Lights! (no camera (it’s a play) Action! And we were off. The troupe preceded with the production, the bear stage adorned with only two benches and the lights beaming from the back of the auditorium, catching the tops of our heads making it look like we all had a little halo. The play, in order to fit the time slot we had, had to be cut from its original lengths. Some scenes didn’t make it into the production, the hardcore Hamlet fandom would’ve been disappointed to see the famous skull scene wasn’t included. The actors, only five of them, played all the characters themselves, which is no easy feat. 

Even after the play, they were nice enough to stay for a while and answer some questions the audience had. Questions like “how long have you been acting,” or “how do you memorize Shakespeare, ” to which they all gave their respective answers. Thanks to this play we have, as a class, gained a better understanding of Shakespeare’s work and provided us with a great introduction to his works.

Written By: Arman Khachtrayan