Mr. J and Friends

SOCES Band is putting on a show on October 18, 2019. Mr. J and Friends is a very special concert for SOCES Band. This show, unlike the others, takes place every two years. Band learns their music within a month before the actual show in order to prepare for a very fun night. It is a lot of work for Band to learn their music in a short amount of time, but it does pay off in the end. 

For this year’s theme, they will be having a theatre theme which will involve the auditorium to be decorated with posters of movie titles in order to resemble an actual theatre. Band has even named their version of their theatre the “Knights Ensemble Theatre”.

The audience will be able to experience both the Wind and Jazz Ensembles Band. This will be a lighthearted concert with entertaining music that can lift anyone’s mood. Mr. J and Friends will also have performances such as choreographed dances and even theatrical acts! 

Come join and support SOCES Band on October 18th to experience a fun show that you can only catch every two years!

Written By: Brenda Jovel