Kids See Ghosts vs Ye Album Review

Kanye West is one of the most recognizable names in hip-hop, whether you know him from his numerous hit songs and collaborations or his unfiltered public persona. Aside from rapping, he entered the industry as a producer and has gained notoriety from his beat making, mixing, and sampling. In 2018, he released two albums. One of them was Ye, an album partially influenced by the controversies surrounding his sociopolitical views. The other album was Kids See Ghosts, an eponymous collab album between himself and Kid Cudi. In order to gauge which of these albums I prefer, I listened to both of them and noted my thoughts on them afterward.

Ye has Kanye detailing topics such as his marriage, his controversial beliefs, and his changed perception of women after the birth of his daughters. Sonically the album has a fairly soulful vibe throughout with various singing segments provided by Ty Dolla $ign, Kid Cudi, and Charlie Wilson among others. Overall a compelling look into the psyche of Kanye, which overall makes it a good Kanye album.
Kids See Ghosts has Ye and Cudi generally detailing mental health as well as drug abuse, being cared for in times of need, and how others may view them. Sonically the album is more diverse than its predecessor and features various types of production. The appropriately titled Cudi Montage has a rock-influenced production from both Cudi himself and his frequent collaborator Dot da Genius, both of whom play in the rock band, WZRD. The track Fire features additional production from Andre 3000, one half of the legendary southern hip hop duo Outkast. While not as detailed on the struggles of either rapper in comparison to its predecessor, this also makes it a more accessible album for people who could put themselves in the place of the rappers.

Ultimately, I prefer Kids See Ghosts to Ye. Kids See Ghosts has a much stronger intro and outro track as well as a more diverse sound sonically. Despite it not having as much personal substance as Ye, the album makes up for it with a more worldly viewpoint. Kid Cudi is an excellent choice collaborator for Kanye as his general topic of struggling mentally is one frequently detailed by Kanye. As a result, Kanye is capable of bringing some of the personal substance in his music to his collaborations with Cudi. Ye is still an extraordinary album in its own right and details Kanye’s personal struggles in better depth but for the reasons explained above, Kids See Ghosts is my album of choice between the two.
Written By: Kenneth Rassmussen