Skate Night

On Friday, March 1st, the SOCES Senior Class held an event at Skateland in Northridge. From 8-11pm, SOCES students and the public cheerfully skated, ate delicious food, hung out with their friends, and had a blast. Being one of the last events of our senior year, it was a huge success!

When first arriving at the skating rink, parking was nowhere to be found. The turn out for this event was insane, with lines of people from SOCES and other neighboring schools out the door. The lines were so long, that people were even waiting in the streets! If you were a SOCES student, however, you were able to cut these lines with ease, get skates, and go out onto the rink in a matter of minutes. To cater to the young adults at the event, Skateland’s DJ had amazing music. Playing artists like Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, and Cardi B, just to name a few, people were able to skate to some of their favorite songs. The DJ played some old hip-hop as well, including songs from artists such as Ice Cube, Eminem, T-pain, and more. Although I was not able to try the food Skateland provided, everyone enjoyed the pizza, fries, soda, and other comfort foods they offered.

As 11:00 started approaching, everyone, including SOCES students started to take off their skates. Mr. Zeccola and other teachers then told us the amazing news that we had until 12:00 to use the rink! We truly “skated until we dropped” that night.

This event has been getting amazing reviews. Wyatt Grauman, President of our student body, said, “The event was super fun and an amazing way to get closer to other seniors!” Ginevra Agostini, Vice President of our student body, said, “The music was amazing and I had a great time!” The Skateland Senior Event was a huge success!

Written By: Melissa Wald