Senior Breakfast

After going through 12 years of grueling education, the class of the visionaries is having their first event, the 2019 senior breakfast.

The breakfast was on October 10th from 8 AM- 11 PM, the same day the rest of the school is doing the PSAT. The location is in Glenn Hall set up for holding the senior class. As a little bit of nostalgia, the seniors will get their time capsules that they made back in the 8th grade.

But the seniors can’t just go to the breakfast for free, the requirements are that they have no detention, no library fines, no U’s, and that they have made the first payment of their senior dues.

Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful time! Here are some photos of the students who were able to receive an award.

Dina Marchenko for Most Intellectual

Raven Hilyard for Class Clown

AJ Pinedo for Class Clown

Marina Aziz for Best Smile

Written By: Jordy Davalos ’19