New Year for Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts have been in hibernation with the preparations to getting back into the business, and it is time to start again! On November 26, 2018, the Culinary Arts class will be back to running its teacher lunch business, with whole new alterations. Among the new cast of students running the class in the new year, the class has created nutrition labels so the students can further learn to apply better nutrition habits. This improves the class’ professionalism and getting closer to simulating actual restaurants. Deliveries will still be made to the teacher’s rooms just before lunch, made from students’ work, managed by students, and delivered by students.
Why has the schedule changed to only feeding the staff on Wednesdays for the time being? Well, there is a football team to feed, and the Culinary Arts class took it upon themselves to make it their responsibility to feed them! Every Friday before a game, a few students serve the team to help them prepare for a rousing victory, made with the (sanitary) hands of the upper-class culinary students to fuel the energy tanks of our top of the line athletes. Knights must be supported by other Knights, and this is one of the best ways to help each other.
A new subject brought to the table by our culinary arts classes, is surprisingly, agriculture! They are in the process of introducing SOCES’ “Farm to Table” program, a program that promotes sustainability and seasonality with the addition of an edible garden located in our very own Camelot Garden. Installing compost bins to repurpose the non-edible food waste created by their classes will only be the beginning. The overall goal is to have an herb garden for year-round use, seasonal fruits, and vegetables to pick from, and even a pollinator garden (the use of California native plants to attract insects like butterflies and other pollinators to enhance the cultivation and create a bountiful harvest.) Although this is only the breaking of new ground, and the process may start slow, this is an exciting new addition that future students will be able to hone and further enhance. This addition will also teach students on how to lower the carbon footprint we create for the betterment of the future.
The Culinary Arts program is continuing to flourish, with new additions and refinements to what was built upon as a foundation of only two years of work by ambitious students and an amazing leader of a Chef. This leader is Chef Avila, who even supports the senior class in his efforts while keeping his own class running. Through the program, students have been able to build their own paths towards the culinary arts, pushing themselves with the help of our Chef to compete in culinary competitions and earn scholarships. This year is the exciting start of the rest of the life of the SOCES Culinary Arts program, with only good things to come for the future.

Written By: Andres Gonzalez