Emergency Preparedness Information for Parents and Guardians

Emergency Information for Parents and Guardians

If there is an emergency at school, school personnel have been trained and will react quickly to protect children. If the crisis is a fire, students will evacuate to their Assembly Area until authorities determine that it is safe to re-enter the buildings. If there is an earthquake, students will drop, cover, and hold on as trained until the shaking stops, and then will evacuate the building to the Assembly Area. Students will not return until the completion of the inspection of the premises, and it is determined to be safe to enter. In both cases, students are led out and away from the buildings, due to any potential danger for them.

If there is a hazard outside, such as a report of a person in the area with a gun, or a nearby chemical release, students will be brought inside, where the building itself will help protect them from danger. Schools will act to protect students and are prepared to shelter the students inside classrooms for hours if necessary. If students remain held for a lengthy period, there are plans in place for emergency food, medical, and restroom needs – these plans vary depending on the nature of the danger to students.

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Procedure: How to pick up your child after an emergency

When it is safe to pick up your child following an emergency, you will need to follow a unique process to ensure everyone’s safety. The Request Gate is the station set up to identify yourself to school staff and request that your child be sent out. You must bring I.D., and the child’s emergency card must be up-to-date with you listed as the parent or guardian. You will then report to the Reunion Gate, where your child will be escorted to meet you. Separating the two gates minimizes crowding, and lessens anxiety for children who may become frightened by a large crowd of parents. Below is a map of the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (SOCES), indicating the locations of the Request Gate and the Reunion Gate. The Request Gate is on the edge of the PE field on Victory Boulevard, and the Reunion Gate is located in the faculty/staff parking lot and enters on the service road near to Yolanda Avenue. Please familiarize yourself with these two locations.

Keep yourself informed of school procedures by attending parent meetings, reading the student-parent handbook, and school newsletter, and checking the school website periodically. Make sure your family is prepared for emergencies, too. If you have any questions, please contact the SOCES main office at 818.798.5600.

Please, become familiar with the location of these gates to be prepared in the event of an emergency.