SOCES UnPak’d – SOCES Media’s First Podcast Now Available

SOCES Media is proud to present our first podcast – SOCES UnPak’d. In this new podcast series, the Journalism staff will talk to the SOCES Knights that are making a positive difference in our community.  In our first episode, we talk to extraordinary 8th grader, Sidney Stern. Sidney has been very active in various humanitarian causes. Sidney is one of the leaders of this year’s Walk to End Genocide in Los Angeles that takes place on Sunday, March 31. We talk to her about this great event, her involvement in the Congo, and a lot more.



Sidney Stern: Social Justice Warrior

By Harrison Pomerantz

“One small difference matters.”

-Sidney Stern   


Amidst a hectic eighth grade school year and a buzzing social life, SOCES student, Sidney Stern fights for social justice and political activism.  When Sidney was young, she questioned world hatred and challenged the idea of genocide. The Jewish World Watch, whose catchphrase is, “Do not stand idly by,” caught the attention of Sidney, and she decided to officially join the fight.


The Jewish World Watch (JWW) practices the ideas of Judaism, by spreading awareness to fight, relieve, and end genocide worldwide.  Sidney was initially attracted to the JWW because it correlated her religion and outlook on life into one group. Since, Sydney has expanded beyond the horizon of the JWW, by creating a Jewelry brand in which the proceeds help fight genocide, and even advocating on behalf of the victims of genocide in front of the US congress.


Sidney Stern continues her fight this weekend, with the JWW “Walk to End Genocide”. This is a march to, “Unleash your inner activism,” and spread awareness for a cause that is typically overlooked.


“March to go get the message out and every person makes a difference”


The march is Sunday, March 31, 2019, from 10am-1pm, at Pan Pacific Park.  Register or Donate today to support the fight, at


Click on the link below to listen to our podcast with Sidney,  It was a great conversation where we talk about the Genocide March, humanitarian concerns in the Congo, and much more. This is our premiere show of our SOCES Media’s new podcast, SOCES UnPak’d. 




WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) is coming to visit our school on March 24-25. This is important for our school, we will continue to strive on and do better than before.

SOCES Breaks Ground

On Monday, March 4, the SOCES community gathered on what used to be the student parking lot to celebrate the official ground breaking for the new gymnasium and academic wings that will soon grace the campus.

Look for the whole story on Wednesday, March 5.