The Craze of the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich!

On November 3rd, Popeye’s relaunched their wildly popular chicken sandwich. And although it hasn’t even been a month yet, people are already resorting to violence in order to get their hands on a sandwich. In some cases, people are getting severely injured or even killed over them. 

In a viral video from a Tennessee location, a Popeye’s employee was charged with body-slamming a woman trying to get a refund. The fight spiraled after she used racial slurs and yelled at the employees when he attacked her and was fired from his job. In Oxon Hill, Maryland, a man cut in the long line and was approached by another angry customer. The two took their brawl outside, where he was tragically stabbed to death. In Queens, New York, a man pulled his gun on an employee when he was told they were out of chicken sandwiches. In a viral video from California, a woman crashed her car multiple times while trying to pull in to the drive-thru. She badly damaged her car, and yet she stayed in line for the sandwich. These incidents are only a few of the many that are happening across America over the chicken craze. With the insane hype surrounding these sandwiches, I had to figure out what it was all about.

From across the parking lot, I could already tell I would be in line for a while. It trailed out of the restaurant and into a filled parking lot. The inside was just as congested, and the wait was around 20 minutes. However, the employee there told me that the wait usually goes up to an hour. We got our orders extremely fast once we ordered.

For $3.99, you get a sandwich with chicken, pickles, and sauce. It has a soft, squishy bun, and inside is a delicious piece of chicken. The outside is flavorful and crispy, and the inside is juicy. The sandwich is not too greasy but it’s still good affordable fast food. My favorite part is the chicken. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I definitely wouldn’t die to have one, but I recommend you try it. Stay safe!