The SOCES offices are staffed with dedicated, friendly individuals that do the utmost to serve the students.  Please click on the tab below for contact information for our office staff.

Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies is part of Local District Northwest .

The main office is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm when school is in session.

Please dial (818) 758-5600, then press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish. Press option 9 for the Main Office.

 Name  Position  E-mail  Phone Number
Ms. Katie McGrath  Principal [email protected] (818) 758-5601
Dr. Susan Sim-Kim Assistant Principal [email protected] (818) 758-5607
Mr. Floyd Weldon Assistant Principal [email protected] (818) 758-5606
Mrs. Jet Manalastas School Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Rita Vargas Office Technician [email protected]

Compliant Manager: Carol Lache, [email protected], 818-758-5660Title IX Information

We are open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm when school is in session. Counselors are here to help students to focus on academic, personal, social and career development so they achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society. We provide counseling services for students, parents/guardians, and staff. Please e-mail or call the counselor to make an appointment.

Please dial (818) 758-5600, then press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish. Press option 2 for the Counseling Office.

Name Position E-Mail Phone Number
 Mrs. Janet Johnson  Senior Office Technician  [email protected]  (818) 758-5621
 Mrs. Teri Abrams  Counselor Grades 6, 7, 8  [email protected]  (818) 758-5624
 Ms. Tonya Haskins  Counselor Grade 10 & College [email protected]  (818) 758-5609
 Ms. Donna Lee  Counselor Grades 4, 5, and 12  [email protected]  (818) 758-5626
 Mrs. Quintero  Counselor Grades 9 & 11  [email protected]  (818) 758-5623
Dr. William Crockett  Assistant Principal [email protected]  (818) 758-5625
Ms. Kimberly Hall  Intervention Support Coordinator [email protected]  (818) 758-5622

The Attendance Office is open from 7:30am to 4:00pm. We are here to help you with your needs. Parents/Guardians please make sure to send a note with your student when they return from an absence. You may download an Absence Excuse Cards by clicking on the link English | Espanol. LAUSD/SOCES Attendance Policy.

Please dial (818) 758-5600, then press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish. Press option 1 for the Attendance Office.


Attendance affects academic success by:

  • Regular and punctual school attendance is probably the most important factor in successful school progress.
  • Students frequently tardy or absent fall behind in their academics.
  • Excessive absenteeism contributes to failed grades and possibly dropping out of school.
  • Poor attendance allows students the time to engage in potentially harmful behaviors


Student Health Information

  • A student returning to school with sutures, casts, crutches, brace(s), or a wheelchair must have a health care provider’s written permission to attend school and must comply with any safety procedures required by the school administration and health services personnel

Student Pick-Up

  • Person(s) picking up a student must be on the Emergency Card
  • Must have a photo ID
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • No Emails accepted
  • Please take note: If parent(s)/guardian(s) arrive during nutrition or lunch, students will not be called until after the bell has sounded



Name Position E-Mail  Phone Number
Ms. Davina Cunningham Assistant Principal [email protected] (818) 758-5613
Ms. Cashieta Daniels Senior Office Technician [email protected]
Mrs. Ana Elias Office Technician [email protected]
Mr. Mike Dulbetsyan Office Technician [email protected]

Please dial (818) 758-5600, then press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish. Press option 8 for the Dean’s Office.

Suzy Lim, Dean of Discipline [email protected]
School Safety Officer Thomas [email protected]

I am excited to welcome you to Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies for the 2018-2019 school year.  My name is Suzy J Lim, Dean of Students and I look forward to working with you to ensure a successful year for your student.  My career goal is to help young people reach their fullest potential both academically and emotionally.  I truly believe that SOCES provides our students with the opportunities to make this goal a reality. 

I have been with LAUSD since 1998 as a teacher.  I received my teaching credential at UCLA and completed my Administrative credential at Pepperdine University.  This is the start of my fifth year at SOCES and my third year as Dean of Students.  I also serve as the Varsity Boys and Girls Tennis coach.  One of the reasons I enjoy SOCES is the sense of family that you experience when you are in our building.  Upon entering our doors you will witness the caring professionals that make SOCES a great school.  In addition to the caring professionals you will find amazing students who are supported by caring families.  All of these things make our school a great school!

I truly believe that communication is the key to success.  My door is always open for yourself and your student.  Do not hesitate to call with questions or concerns so we can ensure a successful year for your child.  When the community of SOCES works together, keeping children first, our students make great strides to becoming the best they can be!

Thank you,

Suzy J Lim

[email protected]@LAUSD.NET

For more information please click here for the Title 1/ELAC Office webpage.

 Name  Position  E-mail  Phone Number
Armen Zarian Title I Coordinator [email protected] (818) 758-5645
Seta Margossian Community Representative [email protected] (818) 758-5654

Please dial (818) 758-5600, then press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish. Press option 4 for the Magnet Office.

For more information please click here for the Magnet Office webpage.

 Name  Position  E-mail  Phone Number
Sandra Tabares  Magnet Coordinator [email protected] (818) 758-5658


Michael S. Pobanz, Ph.D.


Trilingual School Psychologist [email protected] (818) 758-5654 (direct line) (818) 497-4142 (cell)

Health Office

Please dial (818) 758-5600, then press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish. Press option 6 for the Health Office

Name   Position   E-Mail    Voice Mail
Ms. Stephanie Yellin Mednick Nurse [email protected]  (818) 758-5635

Student Store

The Student Store sells school supplies, food drinks and yearbooks to the students and parents.  We sell the AP exams and PSAT exams to the students.  We also accept money from club organization fundraising. Click here for information about paying Senior Class Dues.

Mr Brad Shupps, Financial Manager

Please dial (818) 758-5648, then press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish.

Check Requisition

Club Application

Request for Purchase Order or Request for Check SB-2Check

Request for Authorization of Student Body Expenditure


Fundraising Request Form

Financial Manager’s Corner


Name   Position   E-Mail    Phone Number
Mr Brad Shupps Financial Manager [email protected]  (818) 758-5648


 Name  Position  E-mail  Phone Number
Ms. Tonya Haskins  College Counselor [email protected] (818) 758-5609
Bruce Schramm College Office Assistant [email protected]