2016-2017 Academic Grades

Welcome to the online grades portal.  The SOCES counseling office understands the unique needs of our student and parents. We know we live in a busy, technology driven society.  This page is meant as a communication tool from school to home.

Please note:

  • The following information is to be used for reference only.  In the event of an unexpected error, the teacher and webmaster are NOT responsible for inaccurate data.
  • Data is accurate up to the date posted.  Should the viewer required a more accurate grade, they must speak with the teacher directly.
  • The posting of online grades by the counseling office is a voluntary service and done so at the counseling office’s discretion
  • The Information shown is to be viewed only by the guardian or the student to which the data pertains.  Furthermore, account information should not be shared.

Note: If you do not see any grades it usually indicates your page has time out.  Please return to the login page by clicking: Here.

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